Friday, July 30, 2010

I told ya so; middle class

Back in action. Let's go over something. Its hard to blog cause sometimes you got nothing to say, but ya know that's not really a bad thing. Compare it to soloing, often your taught to be silent sometimes. To much playing clutters stuff, it makes everything seem less important.

That being said, i used to do a lot of clutter, but something caught my eye that i cluttered about, the middle class. Something as small as gas prices being raised adds testament to the death of the middle class. Example, suburbs are filled with middle class who work in cities and are forced to commute, higher prices mean it costs more for them to drive in. like and here are some stats to go with that.

But when i was on my soap box about this, i didn't get much attention, i suppose it makes sense that numbers are the only things that add credibility, but its a hard fact to face when your a writer and only deal with words

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